Targeting Instruction


There are many things that I believe are critical to student success, one is limited choice, and another is targeted instruction in areas of need. While standardized testing isn’t always my favorite thing, I think that educators need to use the data available to them to make informed decisions about instruction. If we aren’t using the data that we are collecting for the good of those specific students, then why are we collecting it?

After seeing mostly good results on my classes Fall to Winter MAP tests, I am going to continue small group interventions in areas of weakness for each student. This means that each student will be placed in a skills group based on his/her lowest subtest score. This does group kiddos together with varying RIT scores, but allows me to give direct instruction in topics that crossover multiple Lexiles, while still allowing students to practice the skills with texts appropriate to their independent reading level.

After reviewing data from our second round of NWEA MAP testing, I created a structure in my classroom where I am able to work wtih small groups, while allowing other students to have choices WITHIN their level of need. Once a week, students will meet with me and the rest of the week, they are working independently to complete their tic-tac-toe board by practicing a skill on an independent text.
Here’s the tracking form that I have used to help students and myself keep track of what they’ve learned and practiced.   Winter Skills Groups


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